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      Nov 22, 2018

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Andy’s Story
Andy’s Story

A while ago the Orticals heard a something that made them very sad.

A boy called Andy had been told at school that his handwriting was so scruffy that he would probably never get a job.

This made Andy feel like his life was not worth living. He knew that when he grew up he wanted a good job and planned to be a game designer, however now that he had been told this then there was no point of carrying on. If an adult had said this to him, then Andy believed that it must be true.

This made the Orticals feel very unhappy. Over the years the Orticals had known many people who had terrible handwriting when they were young, but they now had fantastic jobs. Each one of these people had worked hard. Some of them had practised their handwriting to make it neater, whilst others just used a computer so their handwriting didn’t matter.

The Orticals decided to pay Andy a visit to try & help out, so they sent out one of the strongest Orticals called Will Power. Will carries special Ortism feathers that give you confidence when you need it.  Will hid at the side of Andy’s bed and waited for him to fall asleep. Hour after hour past as Andy lay and cried before eventually falling to sleep. What would he do with his life when he grew up? There would not be any point of growing up if he could not be a game designer!

Eventually Andy finally fell asleep exhausted. Will Power got up and slowly stroked Andy’s face gently with a feather. He started to whisper into Andy’s ear “In the morning when you awake, a decision you will make. A feather on the floor will allow you to explore. Believe in your head and achieve in your heart. If you ever begin to feel weak, just look around and by your feet. I will leave feathers about for you to find, pick them up and try to be kind. Let your imagination run wild and free and you can be anything you want to be. Every year as time gets longer, you will become better and stronger. So reach inside & feel your soul and you will achieve your final goal”

When Andy woke up the following morning, there was a feather lying on the bedroom floor. It was not the usual white ones from his pillow, but a pretty blue one. Andy picked it up and put it in his pocket. Strangely he felt must better today and slightly confident about the day in front of him.

He made a decision to himself that to be a game designer then he needed to work hard in his computer classes. This was important to him, not how neat his handwriting was. Yes, that is what he was going to do.

Will Power stayed around for a few more days to keep an eye on Andy, and every now again pops back to leave a few feathers about for Andy to find. Andy doesn’t know where they come from, but he knows that if he puts them in his pocket then his day will be OK.

The Orticals have been leaving these confidence feathers around for people for many years. Did you know that we used to leave feathers for Bill Gates when he was young?  Bill knew that they wanted to do something in life, but was struggling to make friends and fit in. If you every see Bill Gates, ask him how many feathers he has every found in his life, and he will probably tell you that he found hundreds … all left by us.

Ann Zierty’s New Book
Ann Zierty’s New Book

Hello everybody,

Ann Zierty has made a short video of herself promoting her new book.

For all of those that didn’t know already, Ann Zierty has just had her first book published.
Its all about getting rid of your worries before you go to sleep.

This beautiful 26 page full photographic book comes with a free magic Ortism feather to help children to drift off into a peaceful nights sleep.

The book is available though our new shop page above.

We hope you all like it.

How is Tim Feeling?
How is Tim Feeling?

Hello everybody,

I thought we would play a little game today.

Below you will find some of Tim Idd’s great facial expressions.

See if you can guess how he is feeling?


Tim hopes that you liked all of his faces, and that you guessed right each time.

See you all later x


What do you collect?
What do you collect?

What Do You Collect?

The Orticals are always fascinated at some of the objects that people like to collect.

As you already know, we love to collect feathers.

Some of us just collect any feather that we can find, whilst others of us spend hours finding the most unusual or prettiest feathers.



Jenny Rosity spends hours sorting all her feathers into the different colours and sizes. She gets very upset if a draft of wind blows them out of order, before she has put them into her collection boxes. Jenny goes into the finest of detail picking out all the different shades. Her favourite feathers are orange coloured ones, and second are the yellow ones.

Dom Minating likes to collect the most feathers. It doesn’t matter what colour they are as long as he has collected more than everyone else. Some days he is really late back home because he has wandered off looking for more feathers. He has been told off a few times for nearly getting lost, so now he has to make sure that at least one other Ortical knows where he is and what time he has to come home by.

Now Pashon Nut only collects the very rare silver feathers. Now I bet you didn’t know that some birds have silver feathers, did you?  Well, they do!  They are only usually found on four types of birds, which are pelicans, ducks, vultures and cranes. Pashon Nut doesn’t have a big collection of feathers, but the ones that she has glimmer beautifully in a jar that she stores them in.

Collecting feathers make us happy.

What do you collect that makes you happy?

Why don’t you tell us about it, and we might even run a feature on you and your collection.

Happy collecting.

Do you feel different from other people?
Do you feel different from other people?

Do you feel different from other people?

Well, let me tell you a secret – You are special!

You have been guided to this secret website, so now we are going to share something with you.

Every single Ortical is unique….. just like YOU.

They love the fact that each and every one of them is different – they are all special.

The Orticals know that they all have one talent that makes them individual and feels good.



Tim Idd is really quite shy, but with his quietly spoken voice he tells the most beautiful stories that you have ever heard.

Dex Territy has a beautiful big nose. He can smell where the sweetest flowers are growing, and then he picks them to give away as a gift.  He loves to watch people’s faces when they receive the flowers. It makes him feel happy.

Libby Rated is very tall for a girl, and she is a fabulous artist that paints the most exquisite pictures you have ever seen. Being tall also means that she can hide her favourite paints on the top shelf where the others cannot reach them.

Dee Manding has large ears, and she loves them. With these ears she can hear worries from far away. This means that when the worries get close she is ready for them and can be prepared with one of her magic feathers to bat them straight away before they get chance to hide anywhere.

Terry Fied is a little over weight, but Terry knows how to use his weight and helps to calm children down when they are really upset.

You see, even though these are just a few of the Orticals, they all love being individual. They know that deep inside everyone has a secret talent.

Now you might not know what your special talent is yet – but trust us, you do have a special talent. There will be something that you can do that other people will wish that they could be as good as you.

You might be good at running, swimming or any sport – one day if you practise hard then you might even be in the Olympics.

It could be reading, maths or science. You could end up being an inventor that builds a machine that everyone will want and need. You might invent flying shoes, or time travel. The world will always need inventors.

Maybe you are an artist, or good at card tricks, or a good carer and listener. Can you write good stories? Special people all have a hidden talent!

Have a think about yourself.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your talent is yet – sometimes it can just appear by magic. One day that you find your talent you will think “wow” I am good at that.

So remember after today – YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Find your hidden talent, and enjoy it.

New Year 2017
New Year 2017

Happy New Year to you all.

The beginning of  a new year is often exciting, but for others it can lead to more anxieties.

The Orticals have been listening and working hard for you all recently, and we think that 2017 is going to be a good year.
Not only have we dispatched many more Orticals all over the world to help children, but we have some new ideas for those not fortunate enough yet to have an Ortical near them at all times.

Cornelius has come up with some fabulous plans of how the Orticals can help more children.
At the moment he is busy writing hard and over the new few weeks you will get to see what he has come up with.
Keep watching over these pages and remember that the Orticals are always here to help if you need us.


Christmas Party Time
Christmas Party Time

Yesterday the Orticals had their Christmas party.

Everyone had been busy arranging the room so that whole place looked like a Christmas scene.
To everyone’s delight Cornelius dressed up as Father Christmas and sat beside the fireside handing out various gifts to all the Orticals.

Ann was especially happy because she had made Cornelius’s costume for him and it fitted him perfectly.

Later on some of the Orticals kept calling Cornelius Santa-Nelius. This made everyone laugh a lot, especially when Cornelius started shouting Ho Ho Ho.

The party lasted several hours with everyone having a great time. There was much food eaten and lots of fizzy pop drank. By seven O’clock everyone was very tired and soon all drifted off to bed.
Keep a look out over the next few days for some more pictures from the Christmas party.

If you don’t get chance to look again then the Orticals would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas
Countdown to Christmas

The countdown for Christmas is getting all the Orticals rather excited .

Not only are they busy making gifts for each other, but they are preparing for their first ever Christmas party this year.

This is the first year that they have been able to have an internet connection, so Cornelius has promised them that they can watch some Christmas movies and sing loads of carols. 


Update on Fear Knott
Update on Fear Knott

I am Fear Knott.

I am one of the most recent Orticals that has been sent off to help a child.
I am very lucky to have a beautiful young girl that is now my new guardian. She was chosen so that I could help her with some worries. I am very fortunate that she cares for me very well, and I help her at night tidy up all those worries that keep hiding and trying to pop up again.

I have only been there a few months, but already I can see the difference that the Orticals have made to her life.
I think that we have now built a special bond together and one that will continue for many years.



Ortical Videos

Cornelius Singing.

Everyone one of the Orticals always know when Cornelius is about, because they can hear him singing.
It doesn’t matter what the song is, he just loves to sing.
A few weeks ago we learnt how to post our first video up to YouTube , which of course had to be Cornelius singing.  (more…)