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      Nov 22, 2018

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April – Autism Awareness Month
April – Autism Awareness Month

As many of you will already know, April is Autism Awareness month, which for the Orticals will mean an extra busy month. 

We want to show you that it’s not just about Autism Awareness, but it should be about acceptance.
The Orticals want to put a stop to the stigma, bullying and stereotyping that is often associated with autism. Let us inspire you to interact & befriend autistic people.

People with autism have brains the same as you and I, but sometimes they work slightly differently. They can be a bit like computers. Imagine a Windows PC and an Apple Mac, they are both capable of doing fantastic things, but they work in two completely different operating systems. Well, this can be the same for an autistic person. Computers sometimes have days when a programme is not running well. Maybe it’s developed a glitch, running slow, overheating, the graphics card is playing up or maybe you need to switch it off and on again to reset it? This is also how it can feel to an autistic person. If you think that they are ignoring you, then they are not, it’s probably just that their processor is running really fast and they’re having trouble putting all the information together. They are computing in a different way and sometimes they need a little help and time to reset. A loud sound can cause a glitch and make them freak them out. Their ears can work differently and it’s like the volume control is stuck. Maybe they need help to get away from the noise? An autistic person won’t overheat on you, but they could have a meltdown, which can be far worse. Offer a helping hand, but also understand that sometimes they may need time to calm and think things through for themselves.

These days we have all learnt to live with computers and yes, sometimes they can be frustrating, but we accept their glitches because they enlighten our lives and we probably couldn’t live without them. So next time you meet someone with autism, don’t dispel them, they are not sick, naughty or different, they just operate on a different processor. Spend time with them, let them enlighten your life and you too might learn a thing or two.