• @MatthewCParson Feathers

      Nov 22, 2018

Dex Teritty

Hello I am Dex Teritty – a hunter by night.

I love hunting out nightmares by night.

I’m strong and brave and nothing scares me. Did you know that nightmares are actually quite small?
Most people think that are are big and strong, but there has never been a nightmare that I have not defeated.
Nightmares think they are clever, but they are just small little niggles that pretend to be scary at night when its dark.
My Ortism feather can glow in the dark, so that nightmares can be seem by me. They soon run out of the bedroom once they know that I am there as a guardian of the bedroom.

If you have any nightmares that are bothering you, then just just me a shout and I will come and search them out for you and make sure that they don’t show their face around here again!