• @MatthewCParson Feathers

      Nov 22, 2018

Dee Manding

My name is Dee Manding.

My favourite thing to do is to collect things.

I love collecting everything that I like. Sometimes its small toys, sometimes it could be leaves and conkers.
I spend ages arranging them and putting them all in my own special order. This can sometimes take me ages, and I hate it if anyone makes a mess of them. They have to all be sorted out again!

I like organising colours, patterns, and shapes. I don’t think other people see how important it is to have everything organised, but that is the most important thing for me.

My Ortism skill is helping you keep calm.  If you talk to me about your collections before you go to sleep, then I can make sure that they all stay safe overnight. I will stand guard over them at night and make sure they stay safe.

Please tell me what you like collecting?