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      Nov 22, 2018

Cornelius Saviour

Hello boys and girls.

My name is Cornelius Saviour, and I am the Grandmaster of all the Orticals.

I was the first Ortical to discover that we have a purpose in life, and the purpose of the Orticals is to help children.

I choose which child requires our specialist help, and then train one of our Orticals to fulfil the needs of that special child.

All Orticals are individual with no two being the same. Each one has its own special Ortism skill and power to help each chosen child. These skill have taken many years to learn and each Ortical must be taken care of to protect these skills. 

If you know a child that maybe able to benefit from receiving an Ortical, then please send an email to me.

Not every child can be chosen, but we Orticals always try to do our best.