• @MatthewCParson Feathers

      Nov 22, 2018

Ortical History



In 1933 Cornelius met the first child that he was going to help.

The little boy was called Steve.
Steve had friends, but he knew that something was slightly different about him. He did not like loud noises and found them really upsetting. He could not concentrate when every thing was loud around him. Steve’s friends did not understand why he did not like shouting and noise and why he took himself away by himself to sit in a quiet corner.

By chance, Steve’s parents had been working and had to visited the Kerguelen Islands. This was where Cornelius’s lived. Cornelius found Steve late one night wandering around the sea shore. Cornelius had been worried about him so silently followed him back. That night he heard Steve was upset and knew that he could help.

Cornelius knew that he could not take the noises away, but he knew that if Steve had a friend who understood, then it would hopefully make things a little easier for him. Cornelius sat himself at Steve’s window and waited. A short while later Steve spotted Cornelius . He did not know where he had come from, but somehow he knew that Cornelius must be there for a reason.

Steve found himself talking to Cornelius every night before he went to bed. Steve did not usually like eye contact with many people, but Cornelius had eyes that glistened like small pearls. These were kind eyes and had a strange twinkle about them that Steve liked.

Cornelius stayed with Steve for many years. He watched him grow up and develop in to a lovely confident young man. Steve still did not really like loud noises, but he learnt to deal with it much better.

Since then Cornelius and the other Orticals have gone on to help many more children, and continue to still do so today.