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      Nov 22, 2018

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Chickenpox Alert!
Chickenpox Alert!

Oh no, Chickenpox is obviously going around at the moment, because Tim Idd must have caught it off one of the children.

He is currently in bed feeling a little poorly. His poor little face and body are covered in little red itchy spots, but he is being good and not scratching them too much.

Anty Dote has dabbed on some Calamine Lotion, which is helping him with the itching, and Jen Tull has been giving him some lovely homemade fruit juices to drink.

I am sure you will all wish him a speedy recovery, and he will be back to normal again very soon and will be back visiting all the children that need him.

Get well soon Tim xx


Hello world!

Welcome to The Orticals first website.

Many years ago The Orticals could have never imagined that they would be able to speak to the world via the internet. They were happy with their quiet lives on the island, but now they are able to share this with you all.

They hope to keep you updated on a regular basis with what is happening in their world and which children they are managing to help. Hopefully as the website grows they will be able to add some interactive games and other sorts of wonderful stuff to keep you entertained.

The plans that Cornelius and Ann have for this site are huge!

Feel free to send in any suggestions of anything that you would like to see or hear about and we will do our best to try and include it.