• @MatthewCParson Feathers

      Nov 22, 2018

About the Orticals

groupWelcome to The Orticals.

Orticals are magical little creatures that are only ever gifted to special children.

All Orticals need to be kept dry & warm & to be well looked after.
They are not toys, they are companions and saviours.
Each Ortical has its own special powers, known as an Ortism.
To ensure that an Ortical works correctly, it should be placed near a window.
Sadly, all Orticals are mute & therefore cannot speak.
However, they are amazing listeners (which is why they have such fantastic ears).
Please note that these are never to be called “big ears”, they are Ortical listening devices.
They hear everything.
The Ortistical powers will not work if their ears ever become blocked.
Occasionally they may need cleaning with to ensure they work to their best.
Orticals  do not require batteries to use their Ortisms.
At night whilst you sleep soundly, they work hard sweeping, finding, catching, and searching. It is a hard nights work for them sorting everything out for everyone.
Then in the morning when you wake, you will find they have made things easier for you.
Nearly all worries or problems vanish over night, but a few larger ones can take a few nights for the Ortisms to work completely. Please do not let this put you off. Eventually everything can be combated by the powers of the Orticals.
You need to spend 5 minutes each day making sure your room is kept in order, so that the Orticals don’t lose any of your problems. Worries and problems like to hide and try & pop up again. Don’t give them chance. A tidy room is a tidy mind.
Orticals need looking after carefully. If you are chosen to be its guardian, then speak to it gently and it will reward you well for many years.