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      Nov 22, 2018

Month: May 2018

Ebony Update
Ebony Update

Sue Thing has finally arrived safely on 10th May. She was tired after such a long journey, but has reported that she settled in well last night. Sue is excited to be living with Ebony & is looking forward to helping her to sleep.
We will give another update in a few weeks time.

Sue Thing & Ebony
Sue Thing & Ebony

The Orticals have recently had a call out for a little girl named Ebony, so they responded and watched over her for a while.
Ebony is a beautiful little girl who was having a few problems with worries and nightmares. Cornelius and a few of the others recently visited her home to supervise and take notes. They watched whilst she was asleep and could see the something was bothering her. Cornelius knew what to do, and so has appointed Sue Thing to go and take care of her.
Sue Thing is currently on her way now and should reach her within the next week.
We will keep you informed of how Sue Thing has got on and how Ebony has progressed with the powers of the Orticals.
Cornelius is sure that after a week of Sue Thing helping, then Ebony will be again having the sweet dreams that little girls are meant to have.