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      Nov 22, 2018

Andy’s Story

A while ago the Orticals heard a something that made them very sad.

A boy called Andy had been told at school that his handwriting was so scruffy that he would probably never get a job.

This made Andy feel like his life was not worth living. He knew that when he grew up he wanted a good job and planned to be a game designer, however now that he had been told this then there was no point of carrying on. If an adult had said this to him, then Andy believed that it must be true.

This made the Orticals feel very unhappy. Over the years the Orticals had known many people who had terrible handwriting when they were young, but they now had fantastic jobs. Each one of these people had worked hard. Some of them had practised their handwriting to make it neater, whilst others just used a computer so their handwriting didn’t matter.

The Orticals decided to pay Andy a visit to try & help out, so they sent out one of the strongest Orticals called Will Power. Will carries special Ortism feathers that give you confidence when you need it.  Will hid at the side of Andy’s bed and waited for him to fall asleep. Hour after hour past as Andy lay and cried before eventually falling to sleep. What would he do with his life when he grew up? There would not be any point of growing up if he could not be a game designer!

Eventually Andy finally fell asleep exhausted. Will Power got up and slowly stroked Andy’s face gently with a feather. He started to whisper into Andy’s ear “In the morning when you awake, a decision you will make. A feather on the floor will allow you to explore. Believe in your head and achieve in your heart. If you ever begin to feel weak, just look around and by your feet. I will leave feathers about for you to find, pick them up and try to be kind. Let your imagination run wild and free and you can be anything you want to be. Every year as time gets longer, you will become better and stronger. So reach inside & feel your soul and you will achieve your final goal”

When Andy woke up the following morning, there was a feather lying on the bedroom floor. It was not the usual white ones from his pillow, but a pretty blue one. Andy picked it up and put it in his pocket. Strangely he felt must better today and slightly confident about the day in front of him.

He made a decision to himself that to be a game designer then he needed to work hard in his computer classes. This was important to him, not how neat his handwriting was. Yes, that is what he was going to do.

Will Power stayed around for a few more days to keep an eye on Andy, and every now again pops back to leave a few feathers about for Andy to find. Andy doesn’t know where they come from, but he knows that if he puts them in his pocket then his day will be OK.

The Orticals have been leaving these confidence feathers around for people for many years. Did you know that we used to leave feathers for Bill Gates when he was young?  Bill knew that they wanted to do something in life, but was struggling to make friends and fit in. If you every see Bill Gates, ask him how many feathers he has every found in his life, and he will probably tell you that he found hundreds … all left by us.

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