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      Nov 22, 2018

What do you collect?

What Do You Collect?

The Orticals are always fascinated at some of the objects that people like to collect.

As you already know, we love to collect feathers.

Some of us just collect any feather that we can find, whilst others of us spend hours finding the most unusual or prettiest feathers.



Jenny Rosity spends hours sorting all her feathers into the different colours and sizes. She gets very upset if a draft of wind blows them out of order, before she has put them into her collection boxes. Jenny goes into the finest of detail picking out all the different shades. Her favourite feathers are orange coloured ones, and second are the yellow ones.

Dom Minating likes to collect the most feathers. It doesn’t matter what colour they are as long as he has collected more than everyone else. Some days he is really late back home because he has wandered off looking for more feathers. He has been told off a few times for nearly getting lost, so now he has to make sure that at least one other Ortical knows where he is and what time he has to come home by.

Now Pashon Nut only collects the very rare silver feathers. Now I bet you didn’t know that some birds have silver feathers, did you?  Well, they do!  They are only usually found on four types of birds, which are pelicans, ducks, vultures and cranes. Pashon Nut doesn’t have a big collection of feathers, but the ones that she has glimmer beautifully in a jar that she stores them in.

Collecting feathers make us happy.

What do you collect that makes you happy?

Why don’t you tell us about it, and we might even run a feature on you and your collection.

Happy collecting.

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