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      Nov 22, 2018

Do you feel different from other people?

Do you feel different from other people?

Well, let me tell you a secret – You are special!

You have been guided to this secret website, so now we are going to share something with you.

Every single Ortical is unique….. just like YOU.

They love the fact that each and every one of them is different – they are all special.

The Orticals know that they all have one talent that makes them individual and feels good.



Tim Idd is really quite shy, but with his quietly spoken voice he tells the most beautiful stories that you have ever heard.

Dex Territy has a beautiful big nose. He can smell where the sweetest flowers are growing, and then he picks them to give away as a gift.  He loves to watch people’s faces when they receive the flowers. It makes him feel happy.

Libby Rated is very tall for a girl, and she is a fabulous artist that paints the most exquisite pictures you have ever seen. Being tall also means that she can hide her favourite paints on the top shelf where the others cannot reach them.

Dee Manding has large ears, and she loves them. With these ears she can hear worries from far away. This means that when the worries get close she is ready for them and can be prepared with one of her magic feathers to bat them straight away before they get chance to hide anywhere.

Terry Fied is a little over weight, but Terry knows how to use his weight and helps to calm children down when they are really upset.

You see, even though these are just a few of the Orticals, they all love being individual. They know that deep inside everyone has a secret talent.

Now you might not know what your special talent is yet – but trust us, you do have a special talent. There will be something that you can do that other people will wish that they could be as good as you.

You might be good at running, swimming or any sport – one day if you practise hard then you might even be in the Olympics.

It could be reading, maths or science. You could end up being an inventor that builds a machine that everyone will want and need. You might invent flying shoes, or time travel. The world will always need inventors.

Maybe you are an artist, or good at card tricks, or a good carer and listener. Can you write good stories? Special people all have a hidden talent!

Have a think about yourself.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your talent is yet – sometimes it can just appear by magic. One day that you find your talent you will think “wow” I am good at that.

So remember after today – YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Find your hidden talent, and enjoy it.

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