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      Nov 22, 2018

Month: December 2016

Christmas Party Time
Christmas Party Time

Yesterday the Orticals had their Christmas party.

Everyone had been busy arranging the room so that whole place looked like a Christmas scene.
To everyone’s delight Cornelius dressed up as Father Christmas and sat beside the fireside handing out various gifts to all the Orticals.

Ann was especially happy because she had made Cornelius’s costume for him and it fitted him perfectly.

Later on some of the Orticals kept calling Cornelius Santa-Nelius. This made everyone laugh a lot, especially when Cornelius started shouting Ho Ho Ho.

The party lasted several hours with everyone having a great time. There was much food eaten and lots of fizzy pop drank. By seven O’clock everyone was very tired and soon all drifted off to bed.
Keep a look out over the next few days for some more pictures from the Christmas party.

If you don’t get chance to look again then the Orticals would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.