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Autumn Is Here

Indy Destructible and the Orticals Enjoy Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year.

Why not do the same as Indy Destructible?
Find a huge pile of leaves & just run or jump in them. Kick them. Roll around in them.
Throw them in the air. Count them. See how many different colours you can see.
Appreciate their beauty!

The Orticals think that autumn is one of the best times of the year.
Its not too cold, and the light at this time of year is at its best – try & watch and autumn sunrise, or look out for a fantastic sunset.
Nature shines.
Look up, look down, look all around.

Breathe in deeply and enjoy all those wonderful smells – see how it feels cool and sharp.
Watch the wildlife. See the birds collecting feathers for their winter nests.
See the squirrels burying food & bouncing all over.
Listen to the leaves crunch under your feet.
Search for acorns or conkers…fill your pockets with them – but NEVER eat them.
See the wild mushrooms & toadstools popping up – but NEVER NEVER pick them or eat them.
Look for cobwebs that glisten to the wet autumn dew.
Notice how all the nasty wasps have disappeared.

Autum is just fantastic – learn to love it the same as the Orticals.

Keep still Aunty Dote – there is a squirrel about to steal your peanuts!

  • Fear-Knott has helped my daughter to combat her anxiety disorder which is part of her Autism.She is in awe of him and his mystical ortism powers. Fear-Knott has definately had a profound effect on reducing her anxiety.

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